PT 20210A
Turner's Syndrome

This site has been produced to assist doctors and patients in their research into Anti Phospholipid Syndrome.

The site deals  with research, information, case studies and treatments with a frequently asked questions page that will be continually updated.

Research into APS is still being completed at a number Hospitals and research centres worldwide. The information within this site has been collected from their sites and from weekly updates from Medscape.com

I would be interested to hear from patients and doctors who have experience of Anti Phospholipid Syndrome (APS) and its associated disorders.

As an aside, I have included pages that are (in my case) directly associated with APS, and Turner's syndrome which I have researched on behalf of my granddaughter.

If these pages have been of interest or help please e-mail me at Eddie@Bulfin.net with your comments and reasons for visiting the site, as this will help in assessing the need for updates.

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