Syn: polyneuropathy(2).


acute idiopathic polyneuritis

chronic familial polyneuritis

infectious polyneuritis

postinfectious polyneuritis


1.      A disease process involving a number of peripheral nerves (literal sense).
2.      A nontraumatic generalized disorder of peripheral nerves, affecting the distal fibers most severely with proximal shading (i.e., feet, before, or more severe, than hands), and typically symmetrical; most often affects motor and sensory fibers almost equally, but can involve either one solely or very disproportionately; classified as axon degenerating (axonal), or demyelinating; many causes, particularly metabolic and toxic; familial or sporadic in nature. Syn: polyneuritis. Syn: multiple neuritis, symmetric distal neuropathy.
[poly- + G. neuron, nerve, + pathos, disease]
acute inflammatory polyneuropathy
alcoholic polyneuropathy
arsenical polyneuropathy
axonal polyneuropathy
axon loss polyneuropathy
buckthorn polyneuropathy
chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
critical illness polyneuropathy
demyelinating polyneuropathy
diabetic polyneuropathy
isoniazid polyneuropathy
nitrofurantoin polyneuropathy
nutritional polyneuropathy
progressive hypertrophic polyneuropathy
segmental demyelinating polyneuropathy
uremic polyneuropathy

As opposed to:


Disorder involving a single nerve.

Mononeuropathy multiplex (sounds to me like whoever named this meant a multiple of single nerves ...is that not Polyneuropathy?